It is a pulsewave evaluation algorithm that automatically analyzes incoming measurements from scientific data.

Development of the blood oxygen level and other, more than 8 kinds of data can be monitored through a smartphone application.

We are doctors and healthcare professionals. Our aim is to provide not just one device but also more opportunities!


Simple pulse oximeter can be easily converted with the help of the e-Oxi app into a much smarter telemedicine device, which provide more information!

The system calculates more than 30 cardiovascular and vegetative nervous system parameters from the pulsewave after a 2-minutes long measurement, which can help your doctor to assess your health.

The user also recieves feedback on the 10 most important parameters of the recorded parameters at the end of each measurements.

Whether lifestyle or increasment of sport performance or objectifying the vegetative state: the e-Oxi app is an innovative and scientific solution!

Our mission


Our team of 13 are committed that the key to a healthy life is prevention and a conscious lifestyle. Tracking the changes in our health state is the only way we can improve and make conscious decisions. This opportunity is for everyone!

Our team of experienced doctors, engineers, internatinonally renowed researchers, medical professionals and lawyers work to bring you closer to persionalized medicine through making a simple measurements from home. We have developed a lot and gained a lot of key experience in nearly 7 years of development of Emed4All products.

We believe that we can give you a tool to take control of your own health!


Sándor Kulin MD

How is smart pulse oximeter is different?

With application

It is not just a data measuring tool. It analyzes and stores the measured data and makes it analytical with a smarthone. In short: smart.

Scientific Results

The device is the result of the work of a team of 13 people, which we are now making available in view of the epidemic.

How does it work?

Clip it on your finger, connectit to your phone via Bluetooth and you can start the qick and painless measurement.

What will happen?

You access the analyzed data in the application after the measurement, which can even serve as important information for your doctor.

What does the machine examine?

Each of our heartbeats delivers blood in waves to our limbs and organs. These are the pulse waves. Examination of pulse waves is a new field. We use it for the measurements.

Scientifical Background

Analyzing certain points of the pulse wave by using artifical intelligence, we obtain information that give us a relevant picture of our current state of health.



I did not know before what made me feel a strange squeezing around my heart sometimes, but the data obtained with smart pulse oximeter gave my doctor a good clue. I recommend it!


I think the SCN4ALL smart pulse oximeter is very promising both profesionally and technologically. I also tested the system myself as a patient, monitoring my postCOVID symptoms and so we were able to test the system with Sándor based on my own patient / doctor experience. I would be happy if the system could be part of public and private health care as soon as possible


A common question in the field of lifestyle change is “how do you feel?”. We do not always get an objective answer to this question, so the perceived effectiveness of our lifestyle change methods is questionable in many cases. With the E-Med4All solution, I found a tool to help me objectively assess the status of my clients and the success of my lifestyle change advice. I get great support from trained and not secondly holistic professionals. I believe that the use of the tool and the evaluation method can bring a new turn in the field of lifestyle change.

What is the process?

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